BLOGMAS: Christmas Crafts

We decided to attempt some Christmas crafts this year and they actually came out pretty nice! I am not the crafty type, so this kind of stuff is not my go to. Luckily, Cale is pretty artistic and was able to help out! We made crafts for Bennett's grandma (the Grinch face) & Bennett's baby …

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Parents in College

Cale and I didn't quite follow the typical path of life. When we met, neither of us were in school but had both taken college classes (and didn't do well - oops). We dated, got pregnant, moved in together, got engaged, and had our son all within the year of 2015. It was quick, that …

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BLOGMAS: Stocking Stuffers

If you read my Christmas Traditions post, then you would know that stockings are something we do every year! I feel like this is a tradition that most families carry on, but I can still share ideas! The list below are some stocking stuffer basics! SocksUnderwearToothbrushToothpasteShampooConditionerBody WashLoofah(s)CandyGift cardsMovies/Video gamesLotion Cale's mother does large stockings, and …

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